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May 4, 2013 1:30pm EDT
give them hell harry impact? as for his own anti-semitic slurs, to his actions speak louder than jewish words? it's up to you to decide. eisenhower, i can massey was known, had started l.a. very strange ideas about use to read as a child and eight fundamentalist christian home and as an avid bible reader, he believed that there were no jews on a. he believed that all jews or angels in heaven. correctly informed. the in the world were to mike inspected a concentration camp and was horrified. he knew that after world war one the accusations of the germans have committed atrocities, it was refuted as allied propaganda anticipating holocaust denial see wanted the world to know what atrocities the nazis had committed so he convinced politicians to inspect the concentration camp. many accepted the offer and recorded with a sock, including an american congressman who will be well-known tune and lyndon johnson. said that he was convinced that i can the welfare of jewish refugees a heart. this is quite interesting. as presence during the war in the 1950's, he supported the egyptian leader agains
May 5, 2013 1:15am EDT
of economic affairs, was all about and to work with its founders, ralph harris, arthur and the others. and i saw a think tank in action, and i saw how it could work. later on, fast forward, i was in washington. anthony fisher camp through washington, looked the up and said hey, are around the world we got one that we think is going to be starting in sydney australia, greg lindsey has a center out there. said we want to do one both in new york and washington, kind of two offices, two bases because they should be covered at the politics. and we talked a lot of very seriously and it started developing. meantime i was an outside director of heritage and we had a meeting about december 76, november, december 76. frank was then the president of heritage and reminded the board he had made a two-year commitment to come in as the president of heritage and he wanted to go back to california. >> can't blame him for that. >> too many people want to move into california these days but back then it was a great spot and this was immediately post ronald reagan. california's economy was booming and it
May 12, 2013 8:15am EDT
world, the way we live now is absolutely unimaginable. it's harry potter rover now living in. thanks to the intervention was made in medicine, public health, hygiene and diet, the human body now typically we today globally, not just rich country, globally we are four inches taller, we live 30 years longer and we're 50% happier than people have ever been before in history. we are much more than 50% healthier. we do magical things to ourselves. someone in this room making magic at this moment, if you have a pacemaker. this is something, you future body with technology. we have, a guy bring in the last 11 games, a sprinter with no legs ran in 11 games. he then went and shot his girlfriend, so kind of spoils the story slightly. [laughter] this is magic. these things can happen. and, of course, we've only begun to scratch the surface you. these changes are going to go much, much further than what we've already seen. it easy to start throwing of predictions because a lot of people have done. i love reading these, the science, technology futurists but we have no way of knowing whether these pr
May 5, 2013 7:45am EDT
. after all, harry truman was franklin roosevelt's last vice president. most historians of the new deal stop typically in 1938 or 39. 38 was the year of the last major new deal piece of domestic legislation passed. the fair labor standards act that gave us the minimum wage and a 40 hour week. 1939 of course was the year the second world war began in europe, and some historians of course go as far as 1945, tearing through the age of roosevelt himself. the great historian david kennedy does that in his book, freedom from fear. but i thought to continue through to the truman administration, not just because harry truman had been part of the roosevelt era, but because by continuing up until 1952, 53, we can see some features of modern reality that might have remained somewhat obscure it to in particular. the first concerns the layering of fear in american life. now, fear is generated by circumstances that go beyond those of ordinary risk. life is full of risk. we buy a home, we hope it goes up in value. until recently we always thought it went up in value. we married. half of marriages
May 5, 2013 4:45pm EDT
. you see what is shifting harris saw the timeframe, all the time it takes to answer questions on the forums. these are unintended consequences of where we are today vis-À-vis the great system of capitalism then tremendous burden placed on the average working person to comply with the requirements corporations make on us. right, councilman? thank you. >> complexity can create hardship for people interacting with the private sector and you're drawing attention, so the book's subtitle is the future of government, but the message is much broader. in so far as we talk about the private sector, we have one institution underside, which is the free market. so if companies are making a nightmare to interact with them, other things being equal, that is going to hurt them in the marketplace. that needs to happen is market forces work combined with company ingenuity and that of the curve myth to produce greater simplification. if you think of the companies with which he most enjoyed interact and because of their products or initiate can call them up and make it easy for you. they are simpler. s
May 4, 2013 4:15pm EDT
scene theory? how unusual is this? >> it's very rare. at least my ability to find it. in the harry oakes case in which the former king of england was involved, they actually did take a class, the person they wanted to frame grabbed the glass and then entered it into evidence. by the time the trial came out this was revealed. but very few instances of actually framing. i find instances where a suicide, at it surreptitiously arranged murder. >> a crime scene where the criminal staged the crime scene, but also crime scenes where the police have examined the crime scene and decided that it was staged, just simply on the basis of looking at it, there's something about it that says, ooh, this isn't right in the macdonald case, it was a flower pot and a coffee table. these two physical objects seemed to just radiate the fact that this man had lied. coffee table it turned out was knocked over by one of the mp investigators. the coffee table, but how do you know if you walk into a room, whether the room has been staged to look in a certain way so you'll come to some conclusion? maybe this i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6